Can’t trust spouse

I cannot believe that it’s come to this.

  • I thought that I was in a sentimental, trusting relationship plus that nothing could ever go wrong.

I mean, my buddy and I made our vows to each other plus promised to devote every morning of the rest of our lives to one another. My associate and I swore that my buddy and I would never try to hurt the other person plus my buddy and I would always be by their side for support. What my buddy and I never mentioned during our long, expensive ceremony vows, were the conditions surrounding our central heating plus cooling system. For some reason, the minister never brought up our need to compromise over difficult Heating plus A/C decisions or contingent plans for air temperature disagreements. Now, my buddy and I are unhappily married plus forced to spend every morning battling over our control unit. It turns out, my spouse plus I have vastly unusual opinions when it comes to operating a central heating plus cooling system. My associate and I come from particularly unusual backgrounds, plus clearly my buddy and I were raised with particularly unusual values when it comes to establishing an indoor air quality control plan. My spouse believe that it’s okay to fully utilize your central control component to match every temperature whim. Personally, I believe that central heating plus cooling systems should be managed with care plus consideration. Since he isalways trying to adjust to the central control component higher or lower, I have had to find ways to prevent him from sneaking around. Recently, I purchased a digital thermometer that records temperature fluctuations over 12 hour periods. Since I cannot trust my spouse, now I secretly record our indoor air temperature fluctuations separate from his comprehension. No one told me marriage would be like this.



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