Making more money than sibling – he owns HVAC company, I work there

For as long as I can remember, it was clear that my big brother was going to be the big earner in the family.

  • No matter what age we were or what activities we were involved in, he was always the pushy leader who had to get to the Head of the class.

Meanwhile, I was always happy to sit back and follow along based on the directions that he would shout out. I didn’t need to prove anything to anybody, and I was more than happy to we are respected worker bee. Still, my parents were always talking about what a natural manager and amazing leader my brother was. They were obsessed with his accomplishments and always talks about his bright future. Sure enough, when we graduated high school he went off and obtained a 4 year Business Degree while I toiled away at 2-year trade school getting my HVAC certification. My parents were so proud of his University degree, they helped him to establish a brand new business. Wouldn’t you know, he wound up starting an HVAC and plumbing business in our town. With my brand new HVAC certification, I was quickly employed at my brother’s new ventilation and plumbing dealership. The family was extremely proud of him and gave me a small round of applause for being a dedicated worker. The thing was, it turns out that the HVAC business is extremely stressful as an owner. While my brother was making all the big decisions and calling all the shots, he wasn’t making a lot of money from the ventilation dealership. Meanwhile, I was raking in a ton of cash with my heating and cooling repairs. After 6 months of this arrangement, my brother fired me because I was making better money than he was.

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