Hesitant about planning vacation

When I got a call last night from my son expressing his concern over an upcoming vacation I was surprised.

Our family goes on a week long trip each year and he has always been excited to go. We try and see a new place each time and visit many of the historic regions along the East Coast. This year we are planning a week long tour of the town of Gettysburg. He is a history buff so I assumed he would be as excited as everyone else but apparently he has a lot of concerns about the weather. It isn’t like we camp out when we go on vacation, we stay in hotels that have full HVAC systems and we rent vehicles so that we know that we have quality heat and air conditioning so it didn’t make much sense to me. When I pressed him for more reasons that the trip might be bothering him he said that he had spoken with some of his friends who said that the weather can be really hot in the middle of July and that was when we were planning to go. His one friend said that he was on the six hour tour of the battle grounds and it was nearly a hundred degrees out. The said that the sun was so hot that it made him feel like he was going to pass out. I reminded him that that same friend had a serious problem with partying and he was more than likely hung over during the day he went on his tour. My son laughed and said I was probably right. Besides, if the day was too warm we were there long enough that we could do part of the tour and then go back the following day to finish it up. I am glad he agreed to go because it wouldn’t be the same without him.

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