Waiting for my healthcare representative in a cold office

The company I use for my healthcare also requires an in-person signature

As a senior citizen I have many decisions to make each year. I live on a fixed income and need to apply for renewal of my benefits including my healthcare and the options can be very confusing. For this reason I always make and appointment with my carrier and go over the changes to the plan. I want to get the most for my money and each year we end up altering the coverage to meet what my current needs are. I really like and respect my representative but I dread going into the office. The reason for this is the fact that it is located in an old building downtown where I have to sit for several hours freezing. I am not sure what is up with the heating system in the building but with all of the premiums we pay they should be able to afford an upgrade. I get that the building is aging and that they pride themselves on being located in such a historical site but it is not kind to those who have to use their services. Open enrollment always takes place in mid to late Fall so there isn’t any choice to come during warmer months. If that were an option I can guarantee that I would take advantage of it. The company I use for my healthcare also requires an in-person signature. I keep hoping that they will go with an online enrollment program and then I can simply redo it from the comfort of my home. Until that happens I will just have to suffer through the process because I need my healthcare.

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