My puppy was confused by the cold

My trip down south was anything but a vacation.

I needed to be there for a family member because of some health concerns as they would be unable to care for themselves for a few weeks.

Because of the length of the stay, I need to take my dog with me as kenneling her for that long would be costly and very confusing. She may even have felt abandoned and I couldn’t live with that. While I was helping out, my puppy enjoyed daily walks in the warm sunshine. She was really loving the break from the snow and ice as much as I was. Now, we have returned home and the ground is covered in snow and the temperatures are in the 20’s again. My little girl doesn’t like winter to begin with and being shocked back into it is not sitting well with her. Thankfully we have a great HVAC system and the floor vents give her that warm feeling that she wants. She even drags her bed over to the vent so she can feel the full effects of the warm air each time the system turns on. The downside of this is the fact that her fur flies everywhere too. I know that the filter will take care of most of that too. For the time being,she and I will have to enjoy the artificial warmth provided by the HVAC system. At least when we are home we can close the drapes and imagine that we are still in the south. We only have another month or so before we start to see signs of Spring here at home too, I can’t wait.



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