Ductwork needed to be cleaned

Every now & then, I like to have my air duct in my home cleaned.

  • I have told people to get my HVAC ducts cleaned, & all the people are confused as to why.

They don’t see the relaxing benefits that come with having better indoor air quality thanks to cleaner HVAC ducts. A lot of people don’t realize how dirty their air duct really is, since they can’t see it. I am sure if they did, they would want it to be cleaned as well, however regardless of what others might think, I like to make sure I schedule an appointment with the local heating & a/c supplier every few years or so for the air duct cleaning. I find it personally satisfying to know every spot of my home has been clean… My home & air even feels cleaner afterwards. The air duct cleaning cons are that it can take awhile, & that it can be fancy, but to me, the pros far outweigh the cons. This is especially tplot if you have pets, because all of their fur can accumulate in your heating & a/c & HVAC ducts, then when the heating & a/c specialist is cleaning the air duct, all of that is removed. I have an appointment for air duct cleaning in a few days, & I am looking forward to it, because I can tell my home has gotten quite dirty within the time of my last cleaning. I am certainly surprised that more people don’t do this like I do.

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