Plugging up heating device leaks

I have a very simple life here overseas and I still think of the hectic life I left back home in the States.

I used to paint homes and it took so much work to make that money it is a wonder I stayed in the racket for the decade that I did. Now I work online and make the same money but don’t have to haul around heavy painting equipment and risk my life climbing ladders and walking on steep roofs. I don’t have to drive my work truck three hours a day doing estimates for my local business and now I can work in air conditioned luxury while listening to some relaxing music with my earbuds. Life is a lot different now and it is much better as far as my work life is concerned. My love life is even heating up a bit as I met this girl who works for the local contractor who seems to be taking a shine to me. I took over a year off from dating to clear my mind and find myself again and it looks like my heart is finally opening again to loving someone. I needed time to work on my HVAC system and just chill in my flat with my air conditioner keeping both me and my cats comfy. I will go soon to the shore and eat my apple and kefir and watch the waves gently roll onto the sand. The natural climate control of Mother Nature will keep me comfortable for the next month or so before summer starts heating things up again.


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