There were not enough portable restrooms.

My husband Max spent close to $500 to get the tickets to take me to a concert with one of my favorite musical artists.

It was supposed to be an anniversary present, but with that much currency at stake, I made it the mother’s day, anniversary, and anniversary gift. It was definitely one of the most thoughtful gifts Sam had ever bought me. The night of the concert I was absolutely excited. I needed to pee shortly after getting inside, but I refused to go back out to use 1 of the portable restrooms until the intermission. I was having so much fun with Max I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave then, but I could not wait another hour. I got outside to stand in line at the portable restrooms, then 1 of the other women was complaining about how they should have had at least ten or 15 more portable restrooms, and I had to agree with her, and some of them were prancing about, hoping not to pee their pants. It was such a long wait. By the time I got into the portable restroom, I knew that I had missed the opening of the second half of the concert. I had waited in line for over 30 minutes, and I still had to find my way back to my seat. I had my ticket in my back pocket, so I had the seat number, but anywhere in line or on the way to the portable restrooms. I had to call Max, and ask him where our seats were; that was if he could hear the PC ringing over all the din of the show.

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