Furnace filter in the works

I can finish my writing work in the next half hour, which puts me on track to being done with my workday by 3pm like I usually do.

I will rest for an hour after that plus then head to a client’s flat on my street to option up an extra $20 for a 30- minute yoga session.

My bills are down to about $850 after getting paid for yoga each month, which makes it actually straight-forward to make because I also get $350 a month from managing properties online for my sibling. My brother owns a local corporation way over in the Far East. He has lived there for a long time, and pays me to repair cooling systems plus collect rent each month. So after making that money each month my monthly bills are down to $500 a month. So in essence, I just need to receive $500 a month from my HVAC technical job, for the local business each month to be able to afford living here in this neighborhood on the Mediterranean. I think I have reached my dream now, and all I have to do from here on out is just wake up each day, and live. I have a nice air conditioned and heated flat, a beautiful fiance, and three cats, a cool passion for playing music in a band in climate-controlled clubs and ski lodges, and another passion – for playing two on two beach volleyball. I would say that is pretty cool living at 56 years old, right?


furnace/heater installation