Happy to have zone control

I have an elbow brace on my right elbow, a back brace on my lower back, plus both knees are wrapped with some cold pain gel, however needless to say, I played some games yesterday, I am feeling a bit sore today.

The average age of the players was around 26, with me being the oldest, at almost 56.

So that means I was 30 years older than the average player, but still ended up winning almost all my games. My friend and I, who both work for the same heating and cooling services company, only lost one game. That was his fault, not mine. We had one long rally caught on tape plus I actually want to see it because there were some odd plus crazy plays that happened in a short amount of time, maybe about 30 seconds. Someone happened to be taping us on that game. He is going to edit it after working for the HVAC corporation today. We should have some footage tomorrow, which I am a bit leary of sharing on social media because I told all of my friends and family that I quit playing the game many months ago, because of terrible injuries. Now I am cooling down all my joints with cold gel, and then plan on heating them up again with some hot water from the heating unit in our kitchen. I will survive, but now I sound like the boy who cried wolf with my injuries.