The fireplace did not even work

I obtained one of those electric fireplaces for my home recently.

And when I got it home plus put it up, the thing did not work, and there was some kind of factory defect going on or something.

I also ended up having to disassemble everything after all the hard work putting the electric fireplace together, put it all back into the large box that it came in, then haul it out to my truck, load it on plus then take it back to the store in which I obtained it from to get a total one hundred plus ten percent refund on the electric fireplace. I was definitely pretty surprised that I did not have to argue with them in order to get them to take back the electric fireplace plus know it was broken. They provided me a upgradement electric fireplace of the exact same brand plus model, however I turned it down because I did not want to take the risk that all of the electric fireplaces of that brand plus model would be the same exact way because of some factory defective run of them… And so what I did was take the refund plus went to another store to buy a totally different brand plus model of electric fireplace; Well, the second time was a charm plus it worked great! And now I have a fully laboring plus honestly high quality electric fireplace for my home that absolutely works honestly nicely with no problems. I am so glad I finally found the electric fireplace that was right for me plus my home!


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