Can you tell me what’s wrong with the furnace?

I called the HVAC company and asked if they could tell me what’s wrong with the furnace? The woman laughed, and then she said that was what the HVAC company was for.

I took a breath and said that wasn’t what I meant to say.

I wanted to know if they had an HVAC technician available that could tell me what’s wrong with the furnace. She said they had two that were on the road, but neither were close to my house. If I didn’t mind waiting an hour, she had another HVAC technician who would be on duty, and she could send him to the house directly. I thanked her, and gave her all the information so the HVAC technician would know where I lived, with the full name and address. When the HVAC technician arrived, he told me he was there to diagnose my furnace. The dispatcher had told him this was his first job for the day. I showed him to the furnace room, and I told him the furnace wouldn’t turn on. He said it wasn’t cold outside, and maybe the thermostat temperature was set too low to trigger the furnace turning on. I told him I knew nothing about furnaces, and if he could do anything to get some heat in the house, I would be happy. He went downstairs and looked at the furnace. He told me he found the problem. He didn’t know why, but the breaker switch had flipped, and the furnace wasn’t getting any power. He fixed the breaker and said everything should work well now.
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