I responded that it was one of their heating & AC workers

He rolled his eyes and asked if he could make a copy of the paperwork

Before summer time started last year, I had the air conditioner system tested and the Heating & A/C tech did some minor repairs. He told me that I would need a new air conditioner before this summer. The AC unit worked well all summer, but I was waiting for something to go wrong. During the winter, I was looking into every sale the Heating & A/C business posted. I was hoping to find a new air conditioner before it was time to have the old AC unit updated, but earlier this year, I phoned the Heating & A/C business and asked them if they had some leftover air conditioner units. They sent an Heating & A/C tech to the condo to measure the house, so he could get the right tonnage. After they got all their prices, the Heating & A/C tech came to my home and looked at my air conditioner unit. He looked at me oddly and asked if I was sure I wanted to update the air conditioner unit. He said there was nothing wrong with the one I had. I frowned and looked at him in disbelief. Are you sure the air conditioner component is okay? The Heating & A/C tech wanted to find out who told me it wasn’t. I told him it was one of their Heating & A/C techs. I pulled out the paperwork and handed it to him. He rolled his eyes and asked if he could make a copy of the paperwork. The owner of the Heating & A/C supplier called me later that day. He explained the person who had checked my air conditioner was no longer with their corporation.


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