Saving energy with less A/C use

The other afternoon of my roommate approached me with a new idea for saving some money.

She said she had been thinking for a long time about trying to reduce our energy expenditure every month.

Together, my pal and I were paying quite a lot of money for our regular energy bills every month, however both of us have been trying to save up for quite some time, however it seems like every month there were a million reasons why my pal and I did not put any savings in the bank. The energy bill was absolutely a major contributor to this ongoing issue, my friend and I had talked several times about trying to reduce our energy expenditure, however she had decided that the time was now. My friend and I were no longer going to use our air conditioner system every single afternoon. She said my pal and I would save a ton of money by splitting out our cooling system usage at least 50%. When I asked how my pal and I were going to accomplish this, she said my pal and I had two options. My friend and I could either remember to turn off the air conditioner component every single time my pal and I left the home so that the cooling system wasn’t operating all afternoon long, or else, our other choice, was to use the cooling system for only half the afternoons of the week. I thought this sounded entirely terrible, however she was convinced that it was easier to turn off the A/C Friday through Wednesday then to remember to power down the air conditioner system at 9 a.m. each afternoon. I do not know about the longevity of this energy saving scheme, but I can tell you that my pal and I remember to turn the air conditioner system back on first thing Tuesday morning.

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