I bought a furnace at a garage sale

I find some of the most random and useful things at garage sales.

My husband calls me a garage sale maniac, and that is probably true.

I go garage saling almost every weekend during the summer months. I have found which neighborhoods I like the best, but that does not mean that I don’t go to other neighborhoods because I have found some pretty neat stuff in the neighborhoods that I don’t particularly like to go to. This summer has been the best by far. Last week, was the highlight of the summer of garage saling. I found a furnace at a garage sale for only twenty-five dollars. It was not very old, and it had only been used for a little over a year. The owners of the home said that the furnace was there when the previous owners moved out, and they told them that they could have it even though the house already had a perfectly good working furnace. I asked my husband about it before I bought it, and he told me to definitely go ahead and get it. Even though we could not use it at the time, he knew of a family in our neighborhood who possibly needed a new furnace. He called them up after I brought the furnace home, and sure enough, they said that they could use a new furnace because theirs had been giving them trouble the winter before. I was so glad to be able to help someone out. I did not want to charge them anything since I bought it for only twenty-five dollars. It was truly a great blessing to them and to me.
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