We bought a space heater for our bedroom after having a baby

My husband and I just had our first little baby.

He is the sweetest thing.

I cannot describe how much I love that little guy. My husband and I used to keep our bedroom pretty chilly. Both of us enjoy sleeping in a chilly room with lots of heavy blankets. It is how we both slept as teenagers as well. I got it from my parents who always had an air conditioner in their bedroom, even during the wintertime. Their bedroom was probably around fifty degrees year round. Our bedroom was not that chilly, but it was probably around sixty degrees. That was just too cold for a newborn baby in my opinion, so I asked my husband what we should do. Our room is actually that cold on its own. We have all the vents open in there, and the rest of the house is around seventy-two degrees but not our bedroom. He suggested buying a space heater, so that is what I did. Now, our bedroom is up to around seventy-five degrees, and it is perfect for our little baby. He seems to sleep really well. My husband and I had to get used to it, but we are sleeping better now. Well, we are sleeping as well as you can with a newborn baby. I think we will end up having to move that heater into the nursery with our little man once he is a bit older because his room is just as chilly as our bedroom is. I think it may be because of poor insulation on that side of the house plus that is where the wind hits the house most of the time.
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