Yo Yo weather

Living the northeast can be challenging, and not just in the winter. I talked to my sister last week and she told me that it was 85 degrees. This seemed odd because it was only md April. Then, when I talked to her today, her high was only going to be around 45 degrees. That just seems crazy. She told me that it was not uncommon to have a 30 to 40 degree swing in temperatures over the course of 24 hours. I asked her how they handled that, because you would have to constantly be switching from heat to air conditioning. She said that they had a system that was all inclusive. It was programmed with a smart thermostat so they just set the ideal temperature and the system alternates as needed to maintain it. They found that the program saved them money as well because they never had to touch it and the temperature was always the same in the house. After learning this, I decided to look into this feather for my own home. We never experienced the extremes like my sister does, but I am all for saving money. I called my local HVAC dealer and they came out, installed the new thermostat, and even showed me how to control it with my cell phone. I just love it. I still never want to have yo yo weather like they do up north, but having a constant temperature without ever having to go to the thermostat again gives me great peace of mind. My home is always 70 degrees no matter the weather outside.