That in between time when you don’t know what system to use

Is there anything more frustrating than being caught in the middle of something.

No matter whether it is an argument, an emotional involvement or situation at work it gives you an uneasy feeling of being in limbo. The funny thing is, I have had that feeling lately with something that has nothing to do with human interaction. Every year around this time I struggle with the temperature in my home and outside. On any given day we could have temperatures requiring me to run the air conditioner and then the heat at night. It is crazy. How am I supposed to be prepared for those types of temperature changes within a twenty four hour period? This problem occurs twice each year. When Fall turns to Winter and when Spring turns to Summer. Both times make it difficult to judge what HVAC system you should be using. I have to ensure that both are working properly in order to keep my home comfortable. I know I should just break down and purchase a programmable unit that will judge for itself which unit to engage. It would maintain a constant temperature no matter what the weather outside brings and I would save money and frustration at the same time. My friends and even my HVAC dealer have recommended that I do this but I have not been willing to spend the money on it or the installation. I am on the fence about spending money on something that would eliminate my being on the fence if you know what I mean. Oh well, I will have to come to some sort of a decision at some point.

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