I need a job

I have worked at the same warehouse for over 17 years.

The company has been losing money annually for the past five.

For that reason, I was not surprised when I received a layoff notice last week with my paycheck. It was a long drive home that day as I tried to figure out how to break the news to my wife and family. I also started to think of a solution to the problem so I wouldn’t be out of work too long. I passed by an HVAC company on the way that had a help wanted sign out front. I knew absolutely nothing about heating and cooling but decided to stop in to pick up and application anyway. The manager was gone for the day at that point anyway. I took the application home and broke the news of the layoff to my family. Afterwards, I started looking at the application and was surprised to read that they were willing to train the right person. This sounded promising as I was definitely willing to learn. I have some basic handyman skills and some knowledge of electrical systems so I felt that was in my favor. The next morning, I got up, dressed for the the day and headed out to the HVAC company. The interview went great and I hope to hear from them soon. I have been researching the different types of systems that are out there and it is really very fascinating. I never knew there were options like heat pumps, geothermal heating and cooling, ductless split level systems and more. A HVAC technician must be well versed in all of these in order to service each customer’s needs. I have a totally different level of respect for people who do these jobs.

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