I am pleased with my new metal roof

I didn’t think I was going to like the metal roof, but I love it! I am a very particular person, and in general I don’t like loud noises.

For example, I don’t like going to live music concerts, because the volume is always far too high for my liking. I won’t even go to the movie theater, because I prefer keeping the volume low and watching subtitles on my TV. When the roofing contractor pitched me the idea of switching to a metal roof, I was not interested. I felt that the sound of rain or hail hitting the metal roofing would be cacophonous and upsetting for me. After I did more research online, I learned a lot more about roof replacement and a few things changed my mind. For example, sheet metal roofing instead of shingles provides a large number of benefits, including strength, durability, and another layer of protection from the house. I live in a state with a lot of hurricanes every year, and this felt like getting a suit of armor for my roof replacement. Because of this added layer of protection, the new roofing would even reduce my homeowner’s insurance premiums! With that in mind I booked the local roofing contractor to put a metal roof on my home, and I have been thrilled with the results. I expected the metal roofing to sound like the tin roof on a shed, but that is not the case at all. The metal roofing has a quiet but musical sound when hit with the falling raindrops, and I find it enchanting.

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