My cousin had botox injections.

My sibling was noticing a lot of deep wrinkles around her mouth and she didn’t like them, then she told me she was going to get botox and get rid of the mouth and eye wrinkles! I laughed and told her that she could also use some help with the forehead, but she didn’t take it as a joke.

She told me I was going with her to the healthcare worker who did the botox injections.

She wanted me to drive in case she was in pain when she left the healthcare worker office. I asked if she thought the botox injections was going to be painful. She had learn an article that talked about the efficacy of botox, however it also had some drawbacks to it. It could cause the face to look frozen when first done, however that wore off in a couple of hours. Depending on several times they had to insert the needle, there could be some soreness and discomfort. If she was going to have botox injections in her entire face, she didn’t want to take the chance. She would be taking acetaminophen before leaving the healthcare workers office, and it made her weary. I brought my automobile and was planning on staying in there and learning, but she wanted support. She wanted someone to hold her hand while getting the botox injections. I didn’t want to see the needle, however when they pulled it out, it wasn’t much bigger than the needles I used to check my blood sugar every day. She was in a panic and nearly fainted when the first botox injection was done.

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