Eight fireplaces left on the market

I will knock out eight or nine more articles today in a timely fashion, and then it will be yoga and meditation time! I am going to start listening to my podcast soon so I can start my Spanish lesson in the afternoon.

I normally listen to about two hours of Spanish stories so that I can option up more on the spoken language in my town.

I think within six or seven months my Spanish will be at the level where I can carry on a common conversation with the local corporation people here so that I don’t feel like so much of an outcast anymore. I like to listen to podcasts while I do my yoga plus while I am cooking and cleaning. I don’t like to listen to it while I clear the HVAC duct because it is a bit too distracting. To avoid getting hurt on the job, I must give it my complete focis. Today is a slow day, so I am going to teach a 30-minute yoga session to a client, then go relax at the beach and watch the sunset. It should be hot, and air conditioning is going to be needed soon for cooling down my office while I am working. Today is a bit cooler and I don’t think I will need to run the HVAC system just yet. I have a few little fans that I am going to use when it gets warmer. Soon after that, it will be air conditioning time again.

Cooling system