You always know when a sofa gets worn out

I surprised my brother Sam with a sleek modern bedroom set for his anniversary, but Sam was so blown away by the present that he is still thanking me for it.

I decided to purchase the bedroom set for Sam because his last sofa was worn out, but not to mention that the wooden furniture was so dated.

Sam had wooden chairs that he purchased from a garage sale, & I know Sam earned the wooden table from one of his friends. Sam got his sofas from my parents over 5 years ago when they decided to replace their space. Well, needless to say, nothing matched in Sam’s home, everything had its own story & character. And his sofa was literally falling apart & needed to go. My parents had the sofa in their house for over ten years, so it was quite old. Most sofas will last for about 20 years, & you’ll know when it’s time to get rid of them. If the cushions are flat & they no longer supply any support, the fabric gets worn or ripped in places, or the structure of the sofa is weak, then the time has come to replace the sofa with a modern one. I didn’t purchase any kind of higher-end furniture for my brother, instead, I decided to get Sam something that was contemporary & modern that would work better for his 2-kitchen condo. I know that the contemporary look worked out well & to be honest, any other furniture would have worked for Sam’s house because the seasoned stuff needed to go. All in all, Sam appreciated the thoughtful gift that I got him for his anniversary.

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