What to expect during a roof installation?

Recently, my roof was being replaced and I had no idea it would disturb so much of my peace.

Between the loud banging and the random crew walking through my yard, getting my roof replaced was quite the experience. I knew that there would be some noise because I received a letter from my HOA asking residents to remove all pictures from the walls and there was a warning about the noise levels. However, the level of noise that occurred was beyond what I expected. And it would’ve been ok if these were normal circumstances, but I work from home, and it was difficult to have morning meetings when there were 5 roofing technicians constantly banging on top of my roof. On the first day of the roof installation, I profusely apologized to my coworkers and manager, and I decided to excuse myself from the meeting due to the noise. So, the lesson here is, if you’re a work from home professional and you’re having roof installation done on your home, be prepared for the noise levels to be louder than what you would expect. Also, do not schedule any meetings for 2 to 3 days while the roof installation is being completed. Finally, roofing installation begins early in the morning and there is an hour break during the workday, so be prepared to listen to the banging while you enjoy your morning coffee or during your morning routine. In addition, take advantage of the 1-hour break during the day to do something that will calm your nerves. The good news is, roof installation is a quick and easy 2 to 3 day process, as long as the weather cooperates.