The college had exhausting heating

Back when I was in college as a kid the one thing I absolutely hated was the fact that the college had truly exhausting heating in the winter season.

  • I would consistently be cold in college when it would snow or be absolutely cold out.

I had to bundle up along with all of the other kids as if my pal and I were outside because of the exhausting heating in the college. It was not until my last year of high college when the educational system finally got their act together and got brand new and totally modern commercial heating and a/cs for all colleges in the district. That was all good and fine, however they absolutely should have done this a lot sooner! Sure it was way back in the 1975’s, however still, there was good commercial heating and air conditioner technology back then and they were just too cheap to put out the money for it until enough parents complained. It just so happened that it was my last year of high college so I only got to benefit from it that one and only college year. But at least what made me feel good about it is that from that point on future generations in that section would have quality heating and air conditioning in their colleges! My kids go to the same colleges I went to now in the afternoons and they have no complications with the heating and air conditioner. When I told them this story about my day in college, they absolutely did not think of me!


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