Fresh air – inefficient when you open windows

Someday I am going to own my entirely own house.

Right now it’s just a pipe dream, but I know that the day will come.

I can already visualize the home in my brain so vividly. I know exactly what it’s going to look, feel, and even smell like. I know exactly what I want the yard to look like and how far I want to be from the neighbors. I know how more than 2 porches, living rooms, and bathrooms I want in the place. I know the feeling that I want to get every time I open the front door and enter my entirely own home. Most of all, I know the beautiful feeling that I want to accomplish with the indoor ventilation system. I legitimately want to invest in a high quality heating, cooling, and ventilation plan. My dream is to have such an amazing indoor air quality control setup of that I do not even notice it exists. I do not want to be conscientious of the thermostat clicking on and off, I do not want to notice the boiler powering up and down, and I do not want to feel the air conditioning severely enter and leave a room. I want my home to feel like it’s naturally comfortable, separate from the use of costly indoor Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I legitimately wish that it was possible to chop out the costly and energy-sucking ventilation appliances, altogether. However, opening a window is particularly not going to yield the same high quality indoor air that I desire. Since mother nature can’t do the trick, I assume I’ll have to buy a cheaper home to afford the costly Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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