Air vents are in worst locales

Doesn’t it odor when you move into a up-to-date home or condo as well as have to adjust to all of the up-to-date infrastructure localements? I feel like it takes a year to understand where every light switch is as well as what every button does.

Oftentimes, I live in a home for an extended amount of time before I’m capable to fully control the indoor lighting setup, and don’t even get me started on how strenuous it is to understand the logic behind outlet localement.

I don’t know if I’ve ever lived in a home where I agreed with their choices when it came to power outlets. Similarly, I’m finding that numerous home builders are baffled when it comes to logically placing indoor air vents. I cannot be the only man who has standards when it comes to their indoor air quality, then not only do I expect to my central heating as well as cooling system to run quietly as well as efficiently, even though I do anticipate my home will have air vents in semi logical locales. I don’t understand, for instance, why is there is only a single air vent in my home office, as well as it’s directly over the window. Why would you put high-quality indoor air directly next to an escape route? I’m paying an arm as well as a leg to operate my indoor heating as well as cooling plans, as well as the air is being delivered directly to a passageway outside. I also cannot seem to comprehend why there is an air vent positioned directly over the stove. If it’s already hot, I don’t need more heat there. If I’m trying to keep the loft cool, don’t put my A/C in the oven. Whoever built this locale did not guess about the energy bill or indoor comfort.

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