I can’t stand the smell of my husband’s propane heater

It is not even a strong smell, but I just can’t stand it.

My husband had been wanting to work out in his garage for quite some time. He built the garage about two years ago to put some old vehicles in. He plans to restore old cars as a full time job one day. When he built the garage, he planned on adding heat to it, but it ended up being too much money at the time. He had a budget for the garage, but somehow, he miss calculated one aspect, and it ended up costing about seven thousand dollars more than he expected. That is why he could not add heat at the time. He is saving up to add heat to it this coming summer. I can imagine that it would stink trying to work in a garage without heat, so I understand why he was a bit frustrated. He told me that all he wanted to do before summer came was get the garage organized and ready to work in. He found a way to heat the garage temporarily so that he could at least organize it, and I was so happy for him. He bought a propane space heater for in there. I am so happy for him, but I cannot stand to go out there with him because I learned that I absolutely hate the smell of propane. It is not even a strong smell, but I just can’t stand it. It immediately makes me sick to my stomach. The first time I walked in there, I had just eaten breakfast, and it took me everything to keep it down. I feel bad, but I guess I won’t be spending time in the garage until he gets a furnace installed.


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