My new heater is better than my old one

I get attached to things very easily, and it makes it hard to get rid of things.

I would definitely be a hoarder if it was not for my gracious husband who helps me get rid of things that I don’t need. I actually asked him to help me before we were even dating. We have been good friends for years, and he knew that I had an issue with hoarding, but he never said anything about it until I asked him to. He is really a great guy. I had to get rid of an old heater that I have had since I was a little girl, and it was really hard for me. I have so many memories associated with that heater. I can remember one winter that our furnace quit, and my mom asked me to bring my little space heater from by bedroom downstairs to warm up our tiny living room where we all camped out for the night. I probably had that heater for over twenty years. My husband even understood this time. He told me that we could keep it if I wanted to since it was so special, but I thought about it and decided that there was no reason to keep a broken heater. He bought me a new one, and it honestly works so much better than my old one did. It heats up so much more space, and it is really nice. It makes getting rid of my old one worth it. I still miss my old heater at times, but I am glad to have a heater that works so much better.


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