I bought three air conditioners because they were on clearance

Sometimes I amuse myself by the crazy things that I do.

Yesterday, I was at the store, and I found some really good deals on air conditioners. They were on clearance. They were almost eighty percent off. I could not pass up those deals even though we didn’t really need anymore air conditioners. I was thinking that I could put one in our guest bedroom for when people stay the night at our house during the summer months. It would be nice because I know that it gets quite hot in that room during the summertime. I ended up buying three air conditioners though. I cannot believe myself. I was thinking that for how low of a price I got them, I could just give them away. Surely there is someone who could use an air conditioner that I know. So far, I have not found anyone who might need one, but I have an entire list of people that I am going to ask before I donate them. I would love to help someone out in my church or in my community. Having a brand new air conditioner would be really nice for some people that don’t have air conditioning. I am planning on calling people on my list tomorrow, and I can’t wait to be able to give away these air conditioners. Even though I think it was crazy of me to buy three air conditioners when I didn’t even need one, it doesn’t surprise me. I think I am just a crazy person in general. My husband would probably second that opinion.