The Evaporator Coil and Refrigerant

This past week has been the hottest week on record.

When watching the news the other day I thought the meteorologist was exaggerating.

Sometimes weather people get the weather wrong, especially where I live. During the winter they’ll call for a huge blizzard but then it’ll just be two inches of snow on the ground. Last week they called for a huge rainstorm with flooding. Needless to say, their prediction was wrong once again. Therefore I thought this big heat wave that was supposed to be coming wasn’t actually going to happen. Well I was wrong and the meteorologist predicted right. I was rather impressed by their predictions this time around. It was an unfortunate event that my HVAC system decided to shut down on me during this very hot week. I called my HVAC provider and asked if I could get an appointment that day. Unfortunately he told me that I couldn’t because he was so swamped with other appointments due to the weather. Two days later he showed up at my house. At this point I was sweating, bought portable fans and had my windows open to circulate air. The HVAC technician checked out my system. It turned out the evaporator coil on my air conditioning unit was not filled with refrigerant. He told me that this important since the evaporator coil is what changes the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas as it absorbs heat form the air. After he fixed the system, my house was back to its normal temperature and I wasn’t sweating anymore.

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