Important Information to Know About Air Conditioning

Being a teacher, I always seek out ways to gain more knowledge.

I like to broaden my interests and knowledge by learning new things.

Working at a college has allowed me to go to events for students and teachers to know more about the environment that we live in. Every month I attend forums at the college that do allow me to gain more insight. Last month I went to a forum about DIY projects that I could do at home. The projects were easy to implement and fun to do. I had all of the materials that I needed at home. This month I just went to a forum to learn more about HVAC systems. Since a lot of the students around the area rent homes, I wanted to go to learn about the HVAC system in my home. Some things that I learned there was to be more aware about the air conditioning in my home. I had no idea that the first functional air conditioning unit was created in 1908 and the credited founder was G.B. Wilson. I also learned that it’s important to know the basic functions of how an air conditioner works. That there are filters in a air conditioning unit (one called an air filter) that needs to be replaced every six months or so to maintain good efficiency for an HVAC system. Not to mention the duct system, since it is the main source that carries warm and cold air throughout a home. If you can learn more about your HVAC system, do so. It can benefit you and your system.

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