Unprepared for the storm

Have you ever been on vacation and found yourself in the middle of a natural disaster? When you are planning a trip you seldom think of things like that happening.

This was, however, the situation that my family and I found ourselves in on our trip to Florida about a month ago.

We saved for the trip for nearly two years and my kids were really looking forward to seeing the famed amusement parks there. We were all settled in and had really enjoyed our first three days there when the weather turned rainy and a bit cooler. We hadn’t really been watching the news but I turned it on to see what the next few days would be like. It was then that I learned that a tropical storm was headed right for us and they said that it could change to a hurricane before making landfall. All I could think of was the fact that we would be stranded without power on the twentieth floor of a hotel. That would mean that we would have no lights and worse yet, no air conditioning. The windows of the hotel didn’t even open and I knew it would be miserable. I actually considered asking the family to give up the rest of the vacation but knew that they would object. We had our accommodations booked for another ten days and the weather would pass long before that. I didn’t sleep a wink for the next two days because I was dreading the incoming storm. It turned out that the worst of it only caused the park to close for a few hours and it moved off without too much damage. This was a huge relief and we were able to enjoy the rest of the trip.

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