Welcome back to reality.

I recently spent three weeks down south. It was a glorious chop from the winter weather that I am used to. When I first arrived at my mom’s house, the uneven temperatures were in the 60’s during the morning & upper 40’s at night. That next week my buddy and I enjoyed mornings of morninglight & mid-sixties. Her Spring flowers were already in bloom & there were new leaves forming on the trees. I went down to help her out due to some medical concerns & once she was fully reuseed, I needed to come back home. Three mornings before I was set to return, my apartment town was hit with a sizable snowstorm. This wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities although it is never welcomed at the end of December. My greatest regret during my return trip was that I hadn’t taken my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C dealer’s advice earlier in the year. He had made a recommendation to have a programmable Smart Thermostat installed. It was a little overpriced so I opted not to listen. Now, I would be returning to a really cold apartment with no way to adjust it ahead of time. I don’t have any pets & live by myself. I didn’t see a reason to keep the apartment any warmer than 55 degrees while I was away. My thinking was that I could save on energy during my absence but this now meant that I would have to wait for the apartment to sizzling up when I got home. If I had listened, I would have been able to adjust the settings remotely with my cell cellphone & I would be going apartment to a nice sizzling house. I will be calling my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C dealer once I am apartment & having the replacement done as soon as possible. I learned my lesson for sure.
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