My Dad prefers to get a deal! She is not gratified if she doesn’t get at least 10 percent off of whatever purchase she is making.

She thinks that paying full price ranks right up there with a Cardinal Sin.

For this reason, when it came time to install a new Heating plus A/C system in her house, she did a lot of comparison shopping. She checked online for deals plus coupons, called dealers to see what specials they had, plus even contacted some of the manufactures to see if they had any rebate offers she could use. After compiling a list, she felt she was ready to make a deal. She called our local Heating plus A/C contractor to have a representative come to the house. I felt excruciating for him in a way, because I knew Dad was armed with her list of deals plus she would want as many of them as she could get. They reviewed all the chances plus when they finished with the recommendations, the deal making began. Dad pulled out her list of offers plus was surprised to learn that our Heating plus A/C contractor could price match what she had found. They even said that they would be glad to file for the rebates for her. She was speechless, plus that doesn’t happen often. She was prepared for a battle that never even happened. She knew that she had been given a good deal right off the bat plus was somewhat deflated at the fact that she couldn’t use her arsenal of tricks. In any case, she has a new system now plus is saving even more cash on her daily bills. She certainly hit the jackpot on this one.


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