Warm and Cold

My husband think I am crazy! I love to sleep with the window open, yet be under a pile of blankets.

For some reason, it is very relaxing to me to feel the night air on my face and yet I still need the weight of the blankets to lull me to sleep.

This poses two problems. One, the HVAC system keeps running to keep the house warm while the cold air is brought in through the window and two, the electric bill is sky high. When my husband decided he had enough of this he bought me a small cooling fan for next to the bed. He said that we can’t afford the electric bill and I was wearing out the HVAC system. I knew that he was right but still, I miss the night air and night sounds. I even spent some nights in the spare room with the door closed tight so that I could open the window. There is no thermostat near that room so the cold air didn’t affect the HVAC system. The area that registered the temperature was warm, so the system did not kick on. Now, when I need my night air fix, I just sleep in there. The fan he bought works well most of the time too. I think that once women reach a certain age, we just do whatever it takes to get a good night’s sleep. I also know that overworking the HVAC system or spending a ton on our utility bills is not practical. If the HVAC system breaks, and we have to pay for repairs, my husband will definitely not be happy.