His Heating and Air Conditioning unit is quite old

Have you ever gotten that phone call from a neighbor and they just complain? They complain about everything and they just keep on talking. We have a neighbor named Tom and all she does is call us about his bestie, or his TV isn’t working, or whatever. It’s kind of discouraging and we have been friends with him for about 15 years now so we have our problems even though we feel he blows up his problems to make them sound much worse than they entirely are. Recently, Tom has been complaining about his Heating and Air Conditioning system. We’ve been in his house and we have told him countless times that he will need to replace his heating and cooling system but you know what he did, he complained about something else. Tom will change the subject when he doesn’t want to deal with an issue. He should think of hiring someone to take care of the issue so he can just enjoy his day doing whatever he is doing. We don’t want to tell him that he might have a concern with complaining, but Tom does. This is absolutely why he has had a new bestie every year or two. His Heating and Air Conditioning system is highly outdated and he needs to get on the phone with the Heating and Air Conditioning company to either somehow get some repairs done or buy a completely new Heating and Air Conditioning system. We know what he does for a living and Tom makes superb money so he has no excuse at all to not get it replaced. We just hope eventually he will have a new mental viewpoint on things.

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