I told him not to rush the air conditioner.

I never let my husband work on the air conditioning unit, but last week was different. I knew my son was going to be with him, and he’s an HVAC technician. He was going to show his dad a new way to clean the air conditioning, and it would be a cinch, even for my husband. I told [email protected] son not to rush the air conditioner repair, and went shopping with my daughter-in-law. We were planning a surprise birthday party for my husband, and I had a lot to do in the basement before people arrived. Turning seventy was a big milestone, and I wanted to give him a good one. When we got home from shopping, my son and husband were sitting in the backyard drinking a beer. I asked what happened to working on the air conditioning unit? My husband said he got his first lesson, and now he needed a break. I was beginning to think my son had spilled the beans, but they weren’t going to admit it. My daughter-in-law and I went back inside and decorated the basement. The cake was in the downstairs refrigerator, and there were two meat trays for sandwiches. I heard a bellow and my son was yelping that dad needed lunch. I told him to show him how to change the air filter, clean the air conditioning unit, or something. He said he had and dad was getting anxious. I told him the people would be there in half an hour, and they needed to do something. He and my husband went into town for air filters, and didn’t come back for almost two hours.

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