Great HVAC savings so far

So a little bit of effort really does go a long way.

  • That’s what I’m finding when it comes to saving on the air conditioning bill this Summer.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve already seen some significant savings. After last Summer, I sort of added up all the utility bills for June through September. It was a staggering total to say the least. So I vowed that I’d do more to stop wasting so much money on over cooling the house. Prior to this Spring, I really hadn’t done much of anything as it relates to curbing the air conditioning use or even prepping the house. When we moved this far south, we kind of just thought that was part of it. Since we weren’t really spending any money on heating, we figured that’s just the way it goes. But there really does need to be some sort of balance when it comes to just letting the thermostat run wild. I just could no longer rationalize spending so much for air conditioning. So this Spring, I turned to the HVAC company for help. And all I really had to do was go the the website. Our HVAC professionals had laid out Summer preparation plans step by step on their website. All I had to do was follow them. Once I tightened the seal on our home, I made sure that we were also pulling the blinds closed each day. We have never been consistent when it comes to combatting direct sunlight heating. So that has been a big deal. But keeping tabs on the thermostat has been a big deal as well. It’s July now and we saved more than 25 percent on the utility bill over the same period last year.

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