Radiant floors are not my number one

After experimenting with radiant floors for a few years, I can honestly say that they are not my cup of tea.

I had the radiant floors removed and then sold them used to a heating and cooling dealership in my neighborhood to recoup some of the money I had invested.

I did lose a few grand, but I did get the majority of the money back from the sale I made, so that part was good. I then had a brand new and completely modern central heating and a/c system installed in my home to handle all of my heating and a/c needs, however, having central heating and a/c may be more expensive to run, but oh man, it is so much better when it comes to heating! I had the impression that the radiant radiant floors were not all that they were cracked up to be. They unquestionably did not adequately heat my home. No wonder I was saving money on my bi-weekly bills! Because they are undeniably frail! That was certainly the case in my experience. Perhaps it will be different for others. However, in my home, the radiant floors did not perform admirably. I am not advising anyone not to purchase or invest in radiant radiant floors. It’s just that they didn’t work very hard for me, and it could be because of my apartment and the way it’s built. In my personal experience, radiant floors proved to be a disappointment in terms of heating efficiency and performance, leading me to conclude that they were not the ideal solution for my home’s heating needs.


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