Nobody wanted to work on Saturday

I need employees to work on Saturday, but we don’t usually have jobs on the weekends.

I knew it was probably going to be difficult to get a bunch of people to work on Saturday, but I was hoping that at least one or two people would step up and offer to get the work done. We had several jobs on the schedule including a commercial HVAC repair request. We had storms on Tuesday and Wednesday and a lot of our jobs got pushed back and that’s why we had to work on saturday. Nobody wanted to work even after I offered to pay everyone time and a half even if it wasn’t overtime. I honestly thought that someone would offer to work when I offered up the extra money. I told the guys that I was planning to work and someone had to step up and work with me. One of the new guys that has only been here for a month said that he would work. When the new guy offered, one of the old, senior technicians offered to work as well. Then another guy said that he could work for a few hours in the morning. I was happy to see a couple of people step up and offer to help me out. I paid all of the guys time and a half even if they didn’t have overtime and I also bought a $50 gift card for each one of the guys so they could take a loved one out to dinner when we were done working that afternoon. I just wanted the guys to know that I appreciated them working on HVAC requests on a saturday.


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