Running the oil boiler soon

I have exactly two more hours until I need to be down the street leading a yoga session for a client. He pays me well to teach him yoga three times a week, so much so that it pays for all of my food for the week, which is great because after that I can save more of my paycheck to boost my bank account back to where I used to be. I am cooking some beans plus rice on the stove later plus I am going to have a date night with my flatmate later tonight. She’s a heating and cooling technician. She and I met some years back at the local corporation plus decided to move in together a year or so ago. Well, she kind of grew on me plus my unbelievable friend and I began dating a few months ago. We like to eat good food and listen to oldies music by candlelight with the cats. It is an unbelievable life with weather conditions control plus a nice person to share my time with, and even though I am missing my heating supplier mom a lot. I need to be here for my dreams to come true with the musical pursuit. If mom passes on, I know that we enjoyed the time we had together and that she will always be with me in my memories. She will never die, in my mind. I am going to fire up the fireplace soon and go get that yoga session done so I can come back to my love, and my natural weather conditions control furnace.


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