A traditional home makeover

A few years back, I wanted some interior design ideas for my home.

I wanted to do a full makeover of my master bedroom & kitchen, then my sofas were very old, & I had outgrown my dining room table & my kitchen just needed a full replacement.

After spending some vacation time in a rustic cabin, I decided that I would love to incorporate some of those design concepts into my home. I wanted to transform my kitchen & bedroom into rooms that had a rustic meets traditional vibe. I love natural wood finishes, exposed beams, wood panels, & natural decor, even though I also love traditional stainless steel appliances & traditional sofas and chairs with modern accents. The rustic meets traditional type invites the best of both worlds into my condo. The rustic elements would be the standout & conversational parts of the 2 rooms. The traditional elements will make the spaces feel modern but not too busy. I love mixing styles because why settle for just one look. Mixing odd styles allows new textures to shine in their own way. Anyway, I need some interior design help to really bring my thoughts to life & luckily, I was connected to a superb interior designer who specialized in creating low-key rustic spaces. After a couple of consultations, I found some of the best interior design ideas. I fell in love with the idea that I ended up hiring that interior designer to execute the entire project. It cost a bit more than what I expected, but the end result is incredible, & I am glad that I decided to go with the rustic-meets-traditional vibe .


Custom built furniture