We need to get a new A/C put in so that we can sell the house

We are going to sell our mom’s house but we need to get a new A/C put in first.

  • At least, that is what the realtor that we are working with said that we needed to do.

I really don’t think that it is all that necessary to get a new air conditioning system put into the house before we list it, but they told us that we would get a lot more interest in the house if we listed it with a brand new air conditioning system. I guess that makes sense, because down here where we live, the weather gets to be really hot during the summer. No one is really interested in purchasing a new house if it does not have a good air conditioning system. I know for a fact that I would never look at a house if it did not have an air conditioning system in it that actually worked. I guess the realtor is probably right, but I still don’t want to have to worry about putting in a new air conditioning system. We have so many things going on right now that air conditioning units are the last thing that I’m concerned about at the moment. The house is under construction right now because we had to do some updates to the only bathroom in the house, too. I think that it’s going to be a long summer before we can get the place ready to put on the market but I am tired of working on it already! I am dreading all of the work that we are going to have to do.



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