Fireplace burning and key under the mat

I remember my grandma leaving the key under the mat for me when I was a kid, just like all of the other houses were doing. I bet you could walk down a street and find 12 keys under mats, and if you were a robber you could just walk into houses using their own key and just shop away. My mom does the same thing, but she is a bit lazier, she just leaves the keys on the ground outside the door in plain sight. Pretty funny. So today is Friday and we will play music outside this local business later on before sunset, then after sunset we will go sit beside this furnace in this quiet restaurant and eat our dinner while we talk about our show we just did. We are still trying to find our sound, which varies from show to show, but we are having fun in the process and making a little bit of money. My mom is in the HVAC industry, and each time I do a show she asks the same thing; didja make any money? She doesn’t quite understand how it works for an artist, as she has been working in the heating and cooling systems world for so long that she is out of the loop of why a musician does what they do. I just love playing music, and while it is nice to earn a little money too, that is not why I do it. Maybe one day, playing in air conditioned clubs and ski resorts with heating systems keeping us comfy, we will get paid a good chunk of money to do what we love.

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