Open air restaurant – great, until the wind changed direction

A few weeks ago a new restaurant opened just down the street and we had to go check it out. We don’t get many trendy new restaurants around here, and this one seems to be pretty great. Not only was it based on farm-to-table fresh food, but it was also incredibly dog-friendly and it had really high ratings on Yelp. They had a good drink menu and the location was awesome. They were also trying to do things differently, which I really respected. The owners of the restaurant decided that they were going to have an open-air eating establishment. The kitchen was closed off to keep your food safe, as the government regulates, but the entire front of house was open to the surrounding air. This allowed them to grow beautiful plants all around, and create a really incredible ambiance. Unfortunately, all that Ambience doesn’t make up for bugs in your food. While we were eating, the air temperature was extremely comfortable. It was a beautiful day, and we had a fresh blowing breeze to cool us down anytime the sun was feeling too hot. In fact, every time I took a breath I enjoyed the smell of beautiful gardenias floating through the air. Well, I should say for the first 20 minutes I smelled fresh gardenias. Then, the wind shifted. Suddenly, the fresh blowing breeze was filled with the stank of garbage. I began choking on my food, trying to hold back my nausea. This open-air restaurant was a major oversight when they forgot about the stinking dumpsters in the alley next door. What was worse, were the swarms of flies.

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