The beach house looked better with new wood siding

The whole story sounds bonkers but it actually happened.

Todd was on his way to the beach with a friend when their car broke down.

The area they were in was full of private beach houses, and they needed to get to the public access. Since they knew no one there, Todd and his friend decided to knock on the houses. One guy opened his door, and it turns out he owned an auto shop. He came with some tools and checked out their car. Within half an hour, the guys had made a new friend, their car was fixed, and they were in his home having a cold drink. Todd learned the mechanic was moving away and selling both his business and his house. He put in an offer as a joke, and that’s how Todd ended up owning a beach house. It’s an amazing property, but there were some issues to address including the siding. Part of the reason the mechanic was relocating was to be with family because of his poor health. He’d not managed to fix the siding on the house, and it was falling apart. There were also issues with the roof which required an inspection by a roofing contractor. Todd began addressing the issues one by one starting with the nasty siding that had to go. He found a local siding company that took on the task to install new wood siding on the beach house. Then, Todd had the roofing contractor over for an inspection, followed by roof repair to make the beach house more comfortable.


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