Sanitizing the air duct to remove allergens

My lady and I decided to get a house together.

I was pretty excited about moving into a place of our own.

My lady was living alone already, and I had a bunch of roommates and we never had any time alone at my place. We looked at a bunch of different apartments before we finally made our decision on this one. We liked the view and the fact that the venue had a balcony. Another thing that I liked about the house was the fact that there was a pool downstairs. The pool was heated and I could use it anytime that I wanted. When my lady and I moved into the apartment, we did not know that the previous owners had a bunch of cats. The house smelled like fresh paint when we viewed it a month earlier. I noticed the smell of cats immediately and so did my lady. She is entirely allergic to cats and she started sneezing and coughing as soon as we moved into the apartment. At first we thought that she was catching a cold but then the symptoms never seem to go away. We found out that the air duct needed to be cleaned and sanitized. It was important to clean and sanitize the air duct for a lot of reasons, the most important reason was to help with my lady’s flu symptoms. After we had the repair completed, she did not sneeze or cough at all and she has been flu symptom free for the past few weeks.