Do you know the lifespan of a sofa?

I’ve owned both my sofas for almost 12 years now, & I really love them. They’re dark brown in color. These partial leather couches are charming & so comfortable! I also own an overstuffed leather chair that is my favorite piece of furniture in my house. The overstuffed leather chair wasn’t a part of the sofa set, but it matched it so perfectly that I decided that I simply had to have it as well, because at the time I purchased the bedroom sofas & chair, I was at the start of my job. In fact, aside from my truck, the sofas & this chair were the first major purchases that I made in my life after I was on the road to financial security, but well, over the past nine or so years, the overstuffed leather chair has absolutely lost its luster, but unluckily, I used it so much that the leather has many cracks in it, then over the years, I tried to repair the sofa by using leather repair products which I found on the internet. A couple of them worked a bit, but most of them were a total disaster. I should’ve contacted a reupholstering repair & had them perform the work, however I didn’t, & now my chair is beyond repair. This means I will need to get rid of it soon, however fortunately, the sofas are still in superb condition. There is little wear & tear, & the leather portion has no cracking or show much sign of deterioration. Typically, sofas last for 7 up to 20 years & with superb care, I know I will have my sofas for another 10 or 12 years. I just hope that I can find another oversized leather chair that matches my sofas.

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